Can I exchange my The Currency NFT for the physical artwork?

Successful applicants will all initially receive NFTs. Around two months after the NFTs are first distributed to successful applicants, collectors will get the opportunity to exchange the NFT for the physical artwork. You have until 3pm British Summer Time, 27th July 2022 to decide to keep either the digital NFT or the physical artwork

If you have not exchanged your NFT in that period, then the physical artwork will be destroyed. Similarly, if you have exchanged it in that period, the NFT will have been burned. 

There will be an exhibition of the artworks before they are ultimately destroyed. 

You can go to the My NFTs section of The Currency website to start the exchange process:  

If you decide to pick up the work in person, you will be contacted by email to make an appointment to pick up your work. Pick up of the physical work will only be possible with an appointment. 

If you want to have your artwork shipped, it will be sent using DHL from London. Please note that the shipping costs do not include taxes, customs duties and fees that may be levied directly by your local customs authority. We aim to dispatch artworks within two weeks from the date of the NFT being burned but timing is dependent on demand, COVID-19 restrictions and delays. 

Please make sure that all of the details submitted in the exchange form are accurate. We will use this information to ship your work, or confirm your identity upon pick-up. If the information provided does not match the information presented upon pick-up, you will not receive the physical work. 

Upon completion of the exchange process online, the NFT is destroyed. This is a one-way process and can not be reversed. We cannot retrieve the NFT if you make a mistake during the process and submit wrong information.