How can I buy the Paper Veils?

The Paper Veils by Damien Hirst will be sold through HENI Primary.  

The application period will start on Tuesday 15 November and close on Tuesday 6 December at 5pm GMT. 

Once applications close, there will be an allocation period, during which successful applicants will be selected. HENI will carefully review each application and aim to have all allocations made by the end of January 2023. After the allocation has taken place, successful applicants will be notified by email, and a member of the client liaison team will be in touch to complete the order, applicants will have five days to complete payment.

To comply with anti-money laundering regulations, KYC (‘Know Your Customer’) checks will be required for anyone buying the Paper Veils. This means that we will need to verify your identity digitally. 

If you would like to buy a Paper Veils painting, please apply through HENI Primary.