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How do I buy The Currency Prints?

The Currency Unique Prints by Damien Hirst are being sold through HENI Leviathan.  

The application period for these prints opened on 23rd September and will last until 3pm GMT 31st October 2022.  

If you would like to buy The Currency Prints, please apply through HENI Leviathan and keep an eye on your emails after the 31st of October to see whether your application was successful. 

You will be asked to provide card details as part of the application process. Applications that are successful (either in part or in whole) may be completed automatically and the funds will be transferred from your account.

You will receive an email to inform you that this is happening and that you have been successful in your application. Most people will be sent an email with a link to manually complete payment. No funds are taken before this point.