How do I use The Currency NFT?

Once you have received your NFT, you have a number of options. You can compare the rarities and download the high-res images from our gallery, trade it on the HENI marketplace, exchange it for the physical artwork once the redemption period begins, explore other possibilities in the Palm ecosystem, or bridge it to Ethereum to use it on OpenSea. 

Explore your NFTs  

View your NFTs and explore rarities in the HENI gallery

Trade with HENI 

The dedicated HENI Marketplace* allows you to explore the collection, list your NFT for sale, or buy more. 

Trade on OpenSea 
Using the NFT bridge by Palm, you are able to bridge your NFT to the Ethereum network and use your NFT on OpenSea and be a part of our verified OpenSea collection

Download your high res images 

NFT holders can download extremely high resolution images (10x the resolution of the images stored on IPFS) of their NFTs from the HENI gallery by connecting their MetaMask wallet to prove ownership. 

Exchange NFT for the physical artwork  

During the exchange period, NFT holders will be able to exchange the NFT for the physical artwork on the My NFTs page

Discover more trading on 

The Palm ecosystem offers other ways to use, transfer, or trade your NFT. It is also possible to transfer The Currency NFT from Palm to the Ethereum blockchain. 

*The HENI NFT marketplace will charge 5% which is shared between Damien Hirst and HENI. The Currency NFTs implement EIP-2981 which allows marketplaces to obtain information about the 5% royalty from the token contract. HENI and Damien Hirst intend to reinvest a part of the proceeds from any future royalties back into the NFT space.