I bought a Color Rhythms NFT, but can’t see it in my wallet. What should I do?

We will begin distributing the NFTs after Wednesday 1st June. Distribution will be completed by the end of that week. We will notifying successful customers by email, Discord and Twitter when the NFTs have been distributed.

If your NFT has been delivered to your wallet, you can view it using the following steps. 

Please note that although your NFTs are stored in your MetaMask wallet, MetaMask does not directly display NFTs in the wallet itself. 

  1. Make sure your MetaMask wallet is configured correctly by following this link: https://app.palm.io/configure.
  2. If you are on mobile, you will need to use the MetaMask mobile app, and access our website through the browser within the app.
  3. After you’ve configured your MetaMask to the Palm network, you can go to the My NFTs page and connect to the site. Once you have connected to the My NFTs page, you can view and use your NFT.