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What is Greetings from Giza?

HENI is delighted to present Greetings from Giza, the first NFT collection by JR. For the first time, the enigmatic artist is able to make ephemeral art persist through the use of blockchain. Greetings from Giza is a multi-layered collection that blurs the lines between the public and digital space, inviting the audience to not just own, but become part of the artwork. 

The impressive artwork Greetings from Giza is made of a steel structure and mesh and it stands in front of the Pyramid of Khafre in Giza. In line with the years since this historic monument was constructed in 2570 BC, the artwork has been divided into 4,591 Greetings from Giza NFTs, each showing a unique detail of the work made up of black and white shapes. 

These NFTs differ not only because of their individual patterns showing variously sized shapes and spots, but also through their rarities. The rarity categories include the section of the installation in which the NFT can be found, a historic list of hieroglyphs containing 743 hieroglyphs which each only appear once across the project, the secretive ‘J’ category that shows 5 special artist attributes, and finally the presence of the illustrious golden ratio.