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What will I receive when I claim my Greetings from Giza installation piece?

All Greetings from Giza holders will receive a unique piece of the original installation in Giza, along with a Greetings from Giza cover page that holds the cut to size fraction (approximately 4 x 6 cm) of the installation tarp. There will also be a Postcard from Giza, featuring an exclusive JR postage stamp and ink stamp. 

The other features on postcards sent out will vary according to the NFT used to claim them. Postcards sent to holders of NFTs with hieroglyph or golden spiral rarities will be signed by JR.

Holders of NFTs with a spiral rarity will have an additional spiral postage stamp on their postcard. Holders of NFTs with a hieroglyph will receive an additional postage stamp featuring a never-seen-before custom hieroglyph, created through the use of machine learning. Each of the hieroglyph postage stamps will be unique.