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NFT's, Wallets, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Answers relating to NFTs, blockchain technologies (Palm) and digital wallets such as MetaMask.

Payment, Shipping and Returns

Answers on different payment methods, shipping enquiries and returns

About HENI Customer Care

Advice and answers from the HENI Customer Care Team, everything you need to know about HENI Customer Care and how to contact us

Leviathan Marketplace

Answers about Leviathan Marketplace


Rubikcubism is a limited-edition print drop by the artist Invader, presented by HENI Editions. The drop features four colour-filled prints from Invade

Paper Veils

The Paper Veils are a series of 300 oil paintings on card by Damien Hirst, created in the style of his acclaimed ‘Veil Paintings’ series.


Zermatt is a series of six enthralling Giclée prints on Cotton Smooth Rag, based on original snowscape paintings by Peter Doig

Color Rhythms

MadC’s first NFT project ‘Color Rhythms’ is a collection of 1,000 unique artworks bursting with electricity and dynamism.

The Empresses

The Empresses is a series of five glorious prints depicting carefully composed images of butterflies by Damien Hirst

The Currency

The Currency is the first NFT collection by Damien Hirst. It consists of 10,000 NFTs that correspond to 10,000 unique physical artworks

Great Expectations

The Great Expectations collection contains 10,000 unique artworks made by Damien Hirst. Launched as an airdrop to all holders on of The Currency

Greetings from Giza

Greetings from Giza is the first NFT collection by JR, a multi-layered collection that blurs the lines between the public and digital space

Les Falaises du Trocadéro

Les Falaises du Trocadéro is a set of four prints by JR.


Vespers is a series of works on paper by Brian Clarke.


Answers relating to general enquires and issues

How-to videos

We have many articles on questions and issues, we also have self-help how-to videos, that show you how to resolve some of the more common enquiries


Self help articles to help resolve technical issues

Corporate Social Responsibility

Answers about our responsibility not only for the economic consequences of our activities, but also the social and environmental implications.

Chainlink Oracles

HENI are using Chainlink oracles to bring pricing data onto blockchains so smart contracts can fetch the Currency current value at any given time


HENI News aggregates thousands of sources to bring together all the Art and NFT news you need.

HENI Art Club

HENI Art Club is for art enthusiasts, giving members access to a library of eBooks about art, architecture, design and fashion

HENI Vault

HENI Leviathan is pleased to be able to offer storage of your HENI Editions at the point of purchase for our new drops where applicable

HENI Attendance Tokens

HATs are NFTs issued to commemorate events, providing a way for participants to remember the occasion.

HENI Gallery

HENI Gallery is an exhibition space in central London that runs a program of exhibitions and events in conjunction with other HENI branches.