What are the key features in the Digital Library?

  1. The HENI Art Club Digital Library is home to a collection of thousands of books covering art, architecture, design, fashion and performing arts
  2. The platform makes it easy for you to browse through collections and discover new titles, with eBooks arranged into 25 subcategories 
  3. View an ever-changing selection of highlight books from the collection in the Featured categories
  4. Search for the content you need, using filters for Book Title, Author, Description, and Content matching
  5. Keep track of titles of interest by saving them to your personal collection
  6. Enjoy reading wherever you are with offline reading via the apps
  7. Personalise your reading experience with the ability to make and save your own notes, highlight key passages, bookmark pages, and personalise text size and page layout
  8. Take your research to the next level by searching through content within books