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How can I buy the physical prints of the ‘Great Expectations’?

The purchase period for Great Expectations is now closed.


To purchase a print, you will need a Great Expectations NFT on the Palm network. Please note: this website will have all of the correct links for you to complete your transaction in a safe manner. Do not click on any other links than the ones shared on this page.

If you have any questions, you can explore the FAQs here. If you want to get in touch, please contact Customer Care or ask a moderator on Discord.

Choose your artwork.

  • Go to the My NFTs page and select the ‘Physicals’ tab. Here you will find the artworks available to purchase as a physical print. Select the artwork you want to purchase and click on the ‘Purchase Now’ button.
  • If you would like to purchase a Great Expectations print but don’t have an NFT, you can explore this FAQ article.
  • If your NFTs are not on the Palm network, you are able to use the bridge to transfer the NFTs from Ethereum to Palm.

Complete order details and payment.

  • Follow the steps in the purchase flow and carefully fill out your contact information and payment details.
  • Once you have confirmed your order details, you are asked to complete payment before moving on to the final step.

Burn NFT.

  • Upon payment, you are asked to burn the NFT and complete your order.

Please follow the instructions on your MetaMask app and authorize the HENI website to access your token. No funds will be taken from your account.