How do I move my NFT from Ethereum to Palm?

We now have a how-to video for this here

Please ensure you have ETH in your wallet for the Bridge fee.

There are 2 transactions necessary to send a token from the Ethereum to the Palm Network:

  1. Approve transaction to allow the bridge contract to spend your tokens
  2. Deposit transaction to lock your tokens in the bridge contract, which triggers the transfer process.

Both transactions come with a gas cost payable from your wallet on Ethereum. Please note that currently if you do not complete the second step after confirming the first then you will be charged but the transaction will not be completed. Ethereum gas costs are variable depending on how many transactions are happening.

To begin, go to this website

  1. Click Connect Metamask
  2. Click on the two arrows below ‘Origin Network’ to change the origin network to Ethereum and the destination network to Palm, then confirm the prompt
  3. In Token select the NFT you wish to transfer
  4. Select NFT ID (It should be the NFT Number)
  5. You can choose to send the NFT to a different wallet (make sure it is on the Palm network) by adding the wallet address to the destination address, or you can tick the box 'I want to send funds to my address' to send your NFT to the same wallet but on Palm
  6. Click start transfer
  7. If 20 minutes passes by, you are safe to close the page since due to a glitch the page may no longer update, you can track the status via the tracker at
  8. Switch to Palm by clicking the drop-down menu in MetaMask
  9. Your NFT should now be back on Palm and can be viewed by choosing the relevant NFT collection and connecting your wallet to the HENI NFT site