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How do I transfer my NFT to another Marketplace?

You will need to send your NFT from the Palm network to the Ethereum network.

  • Ensure you have sufficient DAI in your wallet to pay for the NFT bridge fee. This fee fluctuates based on gas fees and network congestion. You can purchase DAI here
  • Use the NFT bridge to transfer your NFT.

  • Click the Connect MetaMask button.

  • Confirm that the Origin Network and Destination Network are correct. You can also see the current NFT bridge fees at the bottom.

  • For the Token dropdown, select the NFT you wish to bridge. In the example below we will use The Currency.

  • For the NFT ID dropdown, select the NFT ID number.

  • Tick the checkbox “I want to send funds to my address”. Alternatively you can manually enter a different wallet address. 

  • Click the start transfer button.

  • There will be a MetaMask popup asking you to confirm your transaction. You will also see a number of informational updates. The process may take up to 1 hour with no additional updates shown, but the NFT will be transferred.

  • Once your NFT is in your MetaMask wallet, you can then transfer it to any other marketplace.

You can now list your NFT for sale on OpenSea.
 https://support.opensea.io/hc/en-us/articles/360063498333-How- do-I-list-an-NFT-to-sell-

MetaMask does not natively display NFTs, but you can follow this guide to see your NFT. Click Here