How do I transfer NFTs between Palm wallets?

1. Go to the NFT Contract on the Palm Explorer: 

The Empresses

The Currency

Great Expectations

Greetings from Giza

Colour Rhythms

2. To Connect your MetaMask wallet

  • Select the relevant contract link above.
  • Click on Sources.

  • Click on write and connect your MetaMask wallet.

3. To begin the transfer

  • Go to functions and choose safeTransferFrom(from: address, to:address, tokenld: uint256) : void.

4. Enter the wallet address that holds the NFT

In the 'from' address, enter the address of your wallet which contains the NFT you want to transfer (i.e. the connected wallet). You can get this address by opening up your MetaMask extensions and copying the address from there. Please see this article for more information: How-to-view-your-account-details-public-address


5. Enter the wallet address that you want to send to

In the 'to' address, enter the address of of the wallet where you want to send the NFT to. This should also be a MetaMask wallet which is on Palm. Please make sure that you use the correct address - if you don't you will lose your NFT and not be able to recover it.

6. Enter your NFT number

In the tokenID field, please enter the NFT number that you own and would like to transfer. You can find this out from the My NFTs page. For example, if you owned '10000. And yes, I know' you would enter 10000 as the tokenID.


7. Start the transfer

Finally, click the 'Write' button and follow the prompts in MetaMask to complete the transaction. This will include paying gas fees in PALM. You can use the default fees that are recommended in MetaMask.

8. Wait for confirmation

After around 30 seconds, you will see a confirmation on the explorer that shows that you have successfully transferred the NFT to the new address.

9.View your NFT in the new address

When the receiving address has been connected to the My NFTs section on the HENI website (, it will be possible to the see transferred NFT there.