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Officially Verified HENI NFT collections

Below is a complete list of our official verified collections in different marketplaces.

Always check the contract address of an NFT before acquiring one, it's important to avoid buying into fake collections.

If you have any doubt, always feel free to check with our please ask one of the Discord moderators or open a ticket with Customer Care.

The Currency:

Contract Address: 0xaaDc2D4261199ce24A4B0a57370c4FCf43BB60aa

Great Expectations:

Contract Address: 0xf8B37AF2b5fe2CE1CC303a8472dEdcCCa0953BB2

The Empresses:

Contract Address: 0x3bf99D504e67A977F88B417aB68d34915F3A1209

Greetings from Giza:

Contract Address: 0x5140dbBEb64d478f246E81abb69f7017b6F437fE

Color Rhythms

Contract Address: 0xf80e6c974B1F883982e1a077f5fE98269165009a

The Beautiful Paintings

Contract Address: 0x6b893a18B60e7AD13e9e9e77e4b4C58AD23B6E17