What are 'The Archangels' editions?

HENI releases The Archangels by Damien Hirst, a series of four limited edition prints based on paintings from Hirst’s Cherry Blossoms series. The edition size of each print is limited to 100 (plus 20 APs) and they are available to apply for on HENI Editions from 23 April until 25 April at 18:00 BST. 

The Archangels are Giclée prints on archival fine art paper, set behind Tru Vue Optium Acrylic Glass within a walnut frame, and measuring 60.5 x 152.5 cm (unframed 52 x 144 cm). Each work is hand-signed by the artist and numbered on the front. They are priced at $7,500 (plus any applicable taxes).