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What are the physical prints for the ‘Great Expectations’?

HENI is delighted to present the physical prints for Great Expectations by Damien Hirst, following the collection of 10,000 NFTs that he released in 2021. The editions are Diasec-mounted Giclée prints on aluminium composite panel, measuring 80 x 80 cm each. Each print will be hand-signed by Damien Hirst on the front and numbered on the label.

Holders of a Great Expectations NFT can purchase a print of the artwork featured on their NFT. The prints are priced at $2,500 (plus any applicable taxes). Each NFT can be used only once in respect of the purchase of the corresponding physical print. The NFT will be burned in the process. Each of the editions in the series will be unique. The application period opens on 9 November and will close on 18 January 2024 at 17.00 GMT.