What is the edition size of The Beautiful Paintings?

The edition sizes for The Beautiful Paintings will be limited by time and by demand. The number of editions and NFTs ordered in the purchase window will determine the final size for each artwork type. 

The overall HENI Editions series code is H12, but there will be eight subseries within this (H12-1 to H12-8) for each of the different combinations of shape and size (small circle, small square, medium circle, medium square, large circle, large square, x-large circle & x-large square). The edition size of each of these subseries will be recorded individually. 

 The digital artworks (NFTs) will not have subseries – there is one NFT collection which includes both square and circular artworks. 


Final Numbers:

H12-1 (X-Large Circle): 1,463

H12-2 (Large Circle): 606

H12-3 (Medium Circle): 657

H12-4 (Small Circle): 1,148

H12-5 (X-Large Square): 473

H12-6 (Large Square): 224

H12-7 (Medium Square): 230

H12-8 (Small Square): 308

Digital Artworks (NFTs): 399 (217 Circle, 182 Square)