Where can I see the 'Collages'?

Clarke’s monumental career and innovative approach to artmaking is celebrated in the exhibition ‘A Great Light’ at Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery in London. Open until 31 December, ‘A Great Light’ tracks his unmatched contribution to the continuous development of the stained-glass medium. 200 of the ‘Collages’ artworks will be on view in ’A Great Light’.

Featuring a range of works from Clarke’s career, including his leadworks and freestanding stained-glass panels, and presenting new, monumental works in stained glass and collage, the exhibition presents the various ways Clarke creatively interrogates the materials, effects and construction of stained glass across scale and medium.

Exhibition dates

9 June – 31 December 2023

Opening hours

Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 6pm


Newport Street Gallery, 1 Newport Street, London, SE11 6AJ