Who is Invader

The elusive street artist Invader uses his now-ubiquitous pixelated characters to bring the digital world to the physical world and art to the masses. Self-described as an Unidentified Free Artist (UFA) whose identity is perennially hidden behind masks and digital pixelations, his pseudonym reflects his artistic practice - to invade public spaces with art.  

What started as a playful attempt to make his art more publicly visible by pasting his first mosaic onto a Parisian wall in 1998 now consists of over 4,000 works on a global scale. Invader’s artwork can even be found on the International Space Station, which is the first art to be exhibited in space.  

Invader has challenged the traditional boundaries of the art world, holding solo exhibitions at prestigious galleries from Paris to Osaka. Though he has never abandoned his dedication to street art, Invader has expanded his practice into new media, shown in his 'Rubikcubism' series where he creates painting-sculptures made with Rubik's cubes.  

As Invader says about this series:  

"To create these artworks, I spent days in my studio twisting cubes, like painters would do mixing colours on their palette."