How can I exchange my NFT?

If you're looking to exchange your NFT, here's how..

  1. For The Currency go to and connect the MetaMask wallet that holds your NFT. Next, scroll down and click 'Select artworks to exchange now' to begin the redemption flow.
  2. Connect the MetaMask wallet that holds your NFT. Next, scroll down and click 'Select artworks to exchange now' to begin the redemption flow.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the steps, once you have selected the NFT(s) you wish to exchange you will be asked to choose whether you'd like your artwork shipped to you, or if you'd prefer to collect in person. To have the artwork shipped please fill in the shipping address details, to pick it up yourself tick the box next to 'Please check this box if you'd like to collect your artworks in person in London.' All fields must be filled correctly before you will be able to continue.
  4. Please ensure to make note of the following should you choose to collect in person:

    Artworks can be collected from the HENI Gallery in London, once every week. We will contact you by email to let you know the details of your collection slot.

    For security reasons, you will need to bring an official form of government ID such as a passport or driving license which matches the details you provide below. If you bring your driving license, it should match the address you provide, otherwise you will also be required to bring a utility bill or bank statement to prove your address. Please do not turn up for collection before we have emailed you with the details of your appointment.

    If you do not bring proof of this information, you will not be able to collect your artwork and your NFT will have been destroyed.
  5. Next you will be shown a summary of the NFT(s) you want to exchange, plus any shipping costs. Payment is currently via credit and debit card only, though we may support crypto payments for redemption in the future.
  6. Once you have confirmed payment you will reach the burn stage. It is necessary to confirm in MetaMask twice for the burning flow to be completed.
  7. When you have successfully completed the exchange process you will reach a screen that says 'Success', once you click continue you will receive an email with confirmation details of your arranged delivery. For collections you will be shown a summary and will need to click 'Confirm Collection' to finalise the details, then we will be in contact via email to arrange a suitable pick-up time and date.
  8. On the 'My NFTs' page, the artworks you have exchanged, or started the exchange for, will now appear under 'Delivery' or 'Collection'. You must ensure you have completed the burn process to receive the physical artwork.
Please note that you will need to do so using a laptop or desktop with the MetaMask extension, rather than the mobile app.