How can I exchange my NFT?

If you're looking to exchange your NFT, here's how..

Before you start the redemption process, please ensure you are using a laptop or computer with Chrome or Firefox as the browser.

To start the redemption process, please visit the My NFTs page of The HENI NFT website and connect your MetaMask wallet. Click the Redeem section of My HENI NFT's, this shows all your available redemptions, the collection, the number of eligible NFT's, when the redemption expires and the Redeem now button. 


To proceed with the redemption click the Redeem Now button. 



Ensure you are on the Palm Network, click Switch Networks. tip, if your NFT is on ETH not Palm before you proceed please read this article here.


Select the NFTs you want to exchange. You can exchange one or multiple NFT Deeds™ at a time, which also allows you to save on shipping costs since the editions will be sent out as part of the same shipment.

When you click Next you will be asked to sign a transaction in MetaMask to prove that you own the NFTs you have selected. No Funds or NFT's will be moved when you sign this transaction 



Enter your Personal details, these details will be used for shipping, then click Next.


Enter your shipping address, if your billing address if different than your shipping untick the box below Order Notes, click Next.


Confirm and Pay, double check the details you have provided and enter card details to complete payment for shipping. The shipping costs charged do not include taxes, customs duties and fees that may be levied directly by your local customs authority (or collected during the redemption flow if you are in the UK).

Enter your payment details, ensure the relevant boxes are ticked and click Pay Now. 


Payment Received, to complete your Redemption the NFT is required to be burned. Tick the box and click BURN NOW.


MetaMask will pop up with requests to confirm the burn, if it does not automatically pop up please click your MetaMask extension. Confirm and approve as requested.




Congratulations you have now successfully exchanged your Empress NFT Deed for the physical print. You will receive an email confirmation shortly to confirm the details of your redemption. 

HENI estimates that the completion date for delivery of exchanged Empresses will be within 3 months from the date of the exchange. You will receive an email update when your print has been dispatched.